Crypto Moonshots

Does anyone ever tried to invest a little amount in potential crypto moonshots? You invest in micro/low market cap cryptocurrencies that might be potential moonshots.

So, I just had some money left on the exchange and thought I should try it. So I invested about CHF 475 in $HOGE (the small brother of $DOGE, but DeFi) a few weeks ago. The project has only just begun, but it has already got off to a good start. Now guess how much my investment is worth? It’s CHF 47000 now!

I know that sounds too good to be true but I was already lucky with Gamestop and Cardano this year and apparently this lucky streak has not ended yet.

I have no idea how much further it will go up. But since the project only started 3-4 weeks ago, we are still at the beginning. If you want to find out more about the coin (supply, burn rate, market cap, whales ect.), I can recommend this Reddit post (not mine):

I would also love to hear your story if you experience something similar or what do you think about investing in small cap cryptos in general.

HOGE is being pump and dumped and If I had any I would trade back to (w)ETH

This is not financial advise

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I did in 2017, but found that’s not worth the time. There are so many and it’s a lottery to pick the right one.
As far I can remember, EMC2 (Einsteinium) is the one which gave me ca. 1200% profit in a week or two. And it’s “mooning” again. I have some left, unfortunately only 4, which is 1.2USD atm.

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First of all: Well played on the bet!

IMHO it’s all game and fun as long as we are in a crypto bull market. I would advise to take some profit in BTC and ETH while you can and let ride what’s left for the lol’s if you want. Of course Hoge could keep on mooning, but Defi or not, it’s still a meme coin. It will get obliterated in BTC value once the market reverse.

As for me, while I’m staying very picky with my altcoins allocation I’m also trying to get involve in IDO’s during this bullish market. It’s usually free money if you manage to get in. But you need some luck though. And it won’t turn you rich with just one participation so it’s less sexy than finding THE gem in the altcoin forest before it gets any attention.

I’m rather thinking to do the opposite, searching for tokens that have a smart contract with proxy addresses and short them 10x leveraged with 100$ each. PAID, IYF and other tokens recently plunged and if shorted at their regular price there would have been a 15x return w/o leverage…

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I had a CHF 200 investment ICO back in 2017 craze turn into 4k in the weeks after the tokens hit the market. My advice is cash in at least 50%. “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”. I though, well this might as well go to 40k… (today it’s 1k)

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What brokers do you guys use to buy these moonshot cryptos? I guess Kraken will not suffice?

You’ll mostly have to dive into the Defi world to find these coins. Which means buying on decentralised exchanges like Uniswap using your own wallet. Metamask would be one of the go-to wallet.

But I would strongly advise to first learn on all this before hand, especially if one wants to chase the very small coins. Not that it’s rocket science, but there is a few things to have in mind if you want to avoid doing a crucial error or getting scammed down the road No SAV would help you there…


Hmm, feared as much. A lot more to learn for me. Thanks!

But again, you can just ignore all the buzz and just buy and hodl. (…and avoid 8h sessions to learn how to wrap a wrapped token in order to wrap it further).

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Binance has a lot of crypto pairs.

Of course it is great to buy cheap and have a 100x someday. For me that don’t worked yet. Usually each coin has its life cycle. Once it crosses a certain threshold, it might run 2x or even 3x within a few weeks.

But as mentioned you have to be careful, now we are in a bullish situation (most agree) and this can change quickly and all your gains are gone quickly. In 2017 there were so many millionaires with crypto until all burst down within days/weeks.

Started with a small gambling portfolio and it is working out fine so far.



mhh… I sold for a 70k profit. In the last 2-3 days it raised again and I would stay at a profit of 360k… FeelsBadMan


Got some BEPRO at 0.008. Let’s see where it goes!

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Me too, just starting in altcoins… Have you guys any other tips?

I have some HOGE :slight_smile:

Look at the performance of BSC FARM today… Crazy sh**

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Yeah! Huge drop! I see crypto like Vegas. Another way to gamble. Probably more odds at crypto than actually being Vegas

True! I saw only the daily chart :wink:

I agree with you, it’s like gambling. That’s why I invest only with “play” money

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It is crazy right now, alts are dying to popp up. Asset net worth of me and my friends is on a level, which this is by far not “play” money anymore. Just in the last 4 days again it gained additional 50%. And we all know how this story ended in 2017/2018 and someday might end here too…

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Yes… Take some profit and be happy with it :slight_smile:

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