Crowdlending, any feedback?

Hi Mustachians,

Just visited this website and saw this. Feedback appreciated.

Investing Lend


Edit: exploring the website read this :sweat_smile:

Could I lose my investment?

Most private borrowers are insured against the risks of unemployment, death and disability. However, investors must be aware that they may lose their full investment. As an investor, you assume all responsibility for the investment decisions made. Please note that the score and the interest rate offered for a loan are not a binding assessment of the actual ability of the borrower to pay off the loan. LEND makes no recommendation about financing loans.

There is no investor protection for investments and LEND or borrowers are not under direct supervision of the financial regulator Finma. However, Lend is a member of SRO Polyreg and a regulated financial intermediary.

Is my investment insured?

Most borrowers are insured against the risks of unemployment, death and disability. However, there are no other guarantees and a complete loss of your investment is a possibility.


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I did use from 2017 on during the low/negative interest rates to diversify beside stocks. While I can not complaint about the return (6% so far but declining as I do not add more funds) and also kind of liked the app. The risk/return ratio that you have is absolutely not worth it. While I thought of it as less risky than stocks I’m convinced now that an ETF index fond solution on VT etc. is less risky than going into crowdlending. I had only 1 default losing around 550.- but still that was most likely pure luck. Also in the case of the default, the communication strategy from lend was not great.

Summary is, that I have stopped to invest and will get my last money back in 2027. From the amounts that are still in I will not walk away with a nominal lose but would have done a way better deal to stay fully in stocks.

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thanks for sharing your experience. I was also thinking of asking for a small loan, not sure if I could get better conditions than Bank Migros, etc. They ask so many documents that I just gave up. It seems there’s more advantages for the lender than for the investor.

Sorry I was under the impression that you would go for an investment rather than a loan. Well I think from a loan perspective the rates are really good. However, maybe you could get even better ones from using margins at IBKR.


Yes, I was googling info for a loan, then found Lend and saw it’s crowdlending.

I invested 300 CHF over crowd4cash in 2018 but the counterparty stopped paying after CHF 130 in 2020. I get next to no information about the procedure from crowd4cash.
I am happy I haven’t invested more.

Such a cool concept, it’s a shame that the lender is not fully protected.

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A couple of years ago, Lend communicated to “bon à savoir” that the average default rate was around 2%.
I’d personally assume 5% and thus, I’d consider that 20 loans would be needed for proper diversification, ideally 50 or 100.
Now, every time I check the investment opportunities on the website, there are only 2-3 projects available so it’s a no-go.

20 open projects currently, I will keep an eye in the following weeks to check how many have been funded.