*Credit* Card strategy for Car Rentals abroad

Many car companies require you to make the payment and the deposit with a true credit card. Debit cards like neon and Revolut are most often not accepted. What is your strategy? - I was thinking of maybe getting a free credit card from a bank in Germany (if that’s even possible with a Swiss domicile) - the alternative I see is getting a EUR card from a Swiss bank but I haven’t found one without transcation fees / annual fees. Does anyone have any experience on this?

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Isn’t the “credit” card some kind of deposit in case you total the car or something?

Because then you could maybe ask to pay the fees with a debit card and the deposit with any other credit card where the FX fees won’t matter as you most likely won’t have to pay it.

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I’ve experience this before but more often I was required to make the purchase and the deposit with an actual credit card and my neon and revolut were refused… Recently I’ve even had the case where they charge your card and credit your card later resulting in two fx transactions with was quite frustrating as the deposit was 1000 € → roughly 40€ both ways, so 80€ in total.

I use the free Amex cashback card for reservation and deposit, and pay with Neon.

When it’s possible I 100% agree. But when it’s not possible to pay with neon but only with a credit card. Anyone that knows of a free EUR credit card as a Swiss resident?

That is the main reason why I subscribed to Cembra Certo One credit card.
You can also have a second Mastercard in the name of your partner.
We use it as Joint credit card and we split the bill 50/50.

When returning the car, I ask to pay with a travel card (Wise or Revolut) to optimise the exchange change.

You can find other threads for Cembra on this forum.