Credit card for EUR transactions -> Neon/Revolut or bank in eurozone?

Euro was on Saturday and TRY on Monday.

I’m not sure if the worse exchange rates (+1%) apply to card transactions too.

After about 100 transactions in different currencies I can say that in 9 of 10 transactions Transferwise was cheaper than Neon (How did I compare? Always paid with Neon but at the same time and instantly checked on TW how much they would have charged me. The final amount on Neon then is only visible after a few days). Therefore, I definitely keep sticking to Transferwise for foreign transactions. (this is just my experience)

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Did you check for a wire transfer or for a payment with their card? Genuinely interested!

I only checked for payments (online payments or payments at a check account counter abroad in a foreign country), no wire transfer.
Don’t know how it is with wire transfer. I assume the exchange rate that TW applies is the same with both, i.e. wire transfer or payment. Maybe the fees are different. And with Neon I have no idea but I assume that they don’t apply the credit card exchange rate but the bank exchange rate (Hypothekarbank Lenzburg) which, I bet, is surely less favourable than the former. This is why I definitely never will do a wire transfer with Neon.

PS: Maybe you meant something else: I checked immediately on the TW app how much I would get in CHF for the price I paid in the forreign currency, i.e. if I exchange the money within my TW accounts (e.g. 20 USD from my TW USD-account to my TW CHF-account).

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They quite state they‘re applying Mastercard rates for card payments - though not for wire transfers, which carry a fee.

Yes - in case of wire transfer - I am pretty sure that also here TW would be cheaper. This is why I have never made a wire tranfer with Neon (to/from a foreign currency account). I even don’t dare to try since I guess the outcome will be quite clear :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app or website which shows you what credit card is the best to use for any given transaction? Put together some business idea here:

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