Creation of a Sàrl / GmbH

Hi all,

Forgive me if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anything on the forums.

I would like to create a Sàrl / GmbH for a side hustle and I’m trying to find the most cost effective way of doing this. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend what the cheapest and best way to go about this is? It will be in the canton of Geneva. I approached a notary who mentioned that the total cost would be 2800.- but I’ve found companies like Fasoon that are cheaper but not sure if something is off here.

Has anyone on here opened a Sàrl and if so, what was your experience?

Many thanks!

The Swiss platform for company formations | NewCo is offering such services.

I’ve never used it but received good feedback from friend in the fiduciary business

Blog owner used this service :

Beware, Fasoon does not include some Handelsregister and Notary stuff. But should be still cheaper than just going to the Notary.

EDIT : Sure you need to create a GmbH for this Side Hustle ? Would a Sole Propriorship not be enough in the first years ?

I really appreciate your response. I didn’t think of looking on the actual blog.

The issue really is that I already have an income from my main job and also have a side hustle. The side hustle has been doing well and would like to start investing more into it. By keeping a sole prop. I won’t be able to pay myself a salary and deduct it from the company’s taxable income. Instead, I’ll be risking higher taxes!