Covered Calls Interactive Brokers

Hi guys

I am writing covered calls on Interactive Brokers, usually with around a month to expiration and 5% ITM.

In short, I profit from the time value.


Lets say stock X is at 100, I write a Covered call with strike 95 and, lets say, sell the option for 7. Total profit if called is 2 /93 = around 2%.

If the stock at exp is above 95, stocks get called away and I realize profit.

But somehow, I did not manage to find out where to best display this on IB with the reporting function.

I am also not sure if the Portfolio Performance Tool from IB is reporting the overall performance correctly with complex positions.

Does anyone know if there is a reporting function that directly displays the profits from a buy write transaction for each stock and the option that was sold with it in the same table?

This would help me a lot with this years tax declaration

Any help would be appreciated.

Whats the coupon if you set the strike 5% above the current price (OTM)?

IB is really strange with options and what’s available on different systems, how it’s reported etc. I’ve found it best to just keep track of my option trades in a spreadsheet. Maybe there’s a custom report you could create?

Depends a lot on the implied volatility. I’m mostly interested in upwards trending stocks so I’d write the call slightly OTM. Selling ITM calls might be acceptable in a bearish situation.