Courses/Books/Lectures for Career/Weiterbildung

Hello fellow Mustachians!

Can anyone help me with the following question?

I’m a surgery resident and need relatively lots of literature, courses etc. That gets quite expensive.

I’ve read you can actually write these off from taxes, when it’s in fact directly needed for your career (Weiterbildung)

Is that true? Are there limits to how much, or is the whole price of the book/course/exam written off?

Thank you!

There is a “Pauschal” amount (I think 400CHF) that you can just deduct without proof. I literally just write “Fachliteratur” and max it out every year.

I don’t know how it is for more expensive courses. But yes, generally that is a deductable thing if it’s related to your job.


Run this through a translation service of your choice:
Kann ich die berufliche Weiterbildung von den Steuern abziehen? (Beobachter, German)


  • Max 12000 CHF for federal taxes
  • Cantons have own max
  • If your employer pays for your education, you don’t pay any taxes on that
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