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Dear Mustachians,

Do you have any suggestion for a good cost tracker that can be used on a mobile phone (android) and browser please? I’m getting tired to use google sheets to track my expenses and I’d like to find a simpler solution.


i arranged myself with gnucash. i just found out they have a mobile app now (i aam solely using the desktop verison)

gnucash is on the advanced side of the expense tracking software spectrum. no idea how the mobile client works.

open source & free

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Hi lexandro,

I have come to love Wallet App.
It has a mobile as well as a web version (even though they are 1:1 feature-wise, but good enough for entering transactions with the comfort of a keyboard). It is free with a few limitations but also allows shared tracking (e.g. for partner/family members) with the paid ones (yearly subscription, think around 5CHF per month but can’t quite remember).

You can set saving goals and also set budgets for specific accounts, categories or a combination of those and it also has nice reporting options as well as exports for you to play around with the data. It even supports multiple currencies.

Not sure if I am allowed to post links, given this is my first post here, but feel free to let me know if you are interested and I can send you a direct message. Otherwise you can easily find it by putting “Wallet - Personal & Finance Money Tracker” in your favourite search engine :wink:

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Can you also track ETF/stock traded in Europe/US with this App ?

Afraid not, it is first and foremost an expense tracker. Think of it as a household budget tracker to get a good overview of your financial situation and identify regular expenses like “How much do I spend for groceries/insurance/… per month/year”.

Especially after moving to Switzerland from a different country it helped me a lot to understand how much I spend for what and adjust accordingly.

My recommendation for bookkeeping software has been Beancount, a cleaned up and more polished sort of version of ledger-cli which started it all with text-based accounting, a step up from gnucash too - much better handling of currencies and stocks

It seems there’s some kind of android app for data entry for it:, but I haven’t really looked into it much, doing it all on desktop in batches

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I use ynab. i have it free for first year because im a student. i like both the browser snd app version.i used it both with iphone and samsung. the app is nice because for certain payments, he remmembers the category. ex kiosk is always snack were migros is by default grocery but u could also chose snack. you can import the data from file or manually enter it. i think you can also link it.

I am using

Available on phone and web.
Some graphing available, but I build my own using R.
If there is interest, I can share the code (example attached - you can notice when I moved to a new flat, when I received the bonus and when I started seeing a girl end of April lol).

Free version supports CSV exports.
Paid one gives you extra features which I don’t personally need that much (recurring expenses/incomes etc.)

Made it a habit for the past 3 years (since arriving to CH), will stop soon and manage myself in other ways.
At least now I have a clear-cut answer when someone hits me with a question “what are the living costs?”. :slight_smile:

I can’t help but to recommend YNAB too. It’s life changing.
On top of the awesome piece of technology they built, there is also all the money management methodology around it, as well as a great community.

Give it a try, and you won’t come back!


Google Finance will close it’s portfolio feature. After few week of research, I have chosen

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