Cost increase for electricity, heating, going up and up?

Just paid my electricity bills for the first quarter 2024 and added those number into my calculation working sheet. And just now realized, how those prices went up in the last 4 years… We do have a hourse with a heat pumping system (Wärmepumpe). How is your experience with those costs, similar experience?

In my case it went up by 46% from 2023 to 2024. According to Swiss gov it should be ~18% increase in 2024 Weiter steigende Strompreise 2024


Similiar experience. We live in an apartment with a ground heating pump. The seller used to pay 800/year a couple of years ago, we are at around 1450/year now.


If it helps to study past trends, electricity prices by Gemeinde are available online:

It allows to look at the full price or parts of it, like the energy itself part or the network one. You can compare through providers and Gemeinden to see how many share your experience.

I’m currently renting a small house heated by electricity. My experience is that I hadn’t noticed a significant increase until last year, where my bill balooned into the stratosphere.


Was about to answer the same before seeing your post.

To add: Increase and decrease depends when and how your local provider gets the power. Wholesale prices are already lower than the peak, but this decrease can take time to lower your bill.

Cost for the grid and other fees probably continue to go up because lots of investments are required to cover increasing demand and integrating renewables.