Cost effective web site creator

I used to be able to create small websites with tools that cost a around 5 CHF per month, like Jimdo, Weebly and others.

Now all these providers charge much more.

Do you know any website creator hosted in Europe that would allow me to create a small website with 3 pages and use my own domain for max. 5 CHF per month?

I’m not up to date anymore and a web search just shows the usual suspects with the high prices. I don’t like the idea of using an open source tool because in my experience keeping those up to date is a pain in the neck and always ends up costing me more time than I save by it being free.

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That’s going to be difficult/almost impossible without open source/self-hosting.

Your own domain is extremly cheap, e.g. with google domains you pay less than 10 bucks a year.

Hosting however is more expensive. A cheap provider is e.g. digitalocean, you get the basic server for 5$ per month. But you need to create the website yourself.

Depending on the type of website you can get cheap all-in-one solutions, like e.g. a blog hosted with ghost is 9$ per month.

However, you probably won’t find anything below CHF 5 per month all-in-one.

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WordPress and a good template should do the trick :+1:t2:.


And where do you host the website for less than CHF 5 a month?

What kind of functionality do you need? If it’s just static pages you can get it quite cheap.

I have my domains registered with “easyname” and the offer includes 100MB of static file hosting for 12.90 / year.

You could create your three pages yourself and just upload them with FTP. So you upload your HTML files, and other assets such as CSS, images, fonts, JavaScript, whatever you need.

There’s also tools to do manage this efficiently such as Jekyll with themes: Themes | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites where you basically have your content management system locally and update the static version of your website like that.

Obviously, a command line tool like that is far far away from the usability of Jimdo or the like.


Use Google Domains and Google Sites. Can easily be set up. The domain cost between 10-20 CHF per year and the Site is for free.


You can easily get web hosting for 1-3€/month.
I even have a small VPS for 1€/month (though that’s now 2€ for new customers, I believe).

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Good idea, will check it out.

Should be 3-4 pages, I’d like to frame an online shop element.

Thanks all. I knew it would be hard to find.

All the open source stuff is going to cost me too much time. Haven’t dabble with HTML much lately.
I had open source sites before, but I gave up because I couldn’t handle the updates and changing requirements from the hosting provider.

I’ll check Google Sites.

Have you tried linktree ? examples Best Linktree Examples to Help Convert Your Social Media Followers, website is linktr . in their pricing model they have a $5plan. quite simple but maybe it will suffice.

I use wordpress, as it is quite extensive and versatile, even with free plan. there is a template marketplace so you may want to pay once for template design.

Did you check out (the hosted service)? They offer a plan at 5 CHF/month with your own domain and no ads. I have no affiliation with them, but I’d suppose they do all the back end maintenance work of updating, etc.

Hosted in Europe?
… hosteurope :smiley:
It’s 5.99 eur/month, so not (yet?) in your budget.
Why should it be in europe?

I use in combination with wordpress.

They themselves rent the servers from

I use and like this one for my football club. They have everything you need. Cpanel, wordpress automated install, etc. is 19usd/year for the pro version. might fit your needs

pro version allows custom domain, forms, basic ecom, etc.