Coronavirus - stock falling support group

Let’s open a new thread :slight_smile:

Apparently I (we?) missed the (temporary) bottom to invest in VT. It’s now going up, 4.5% at around 71 usd…

You/we will miss it many more times.
Why would anyone seriously hope to know when it is and buy at the “bottom”. :smiley:

Even on a 1M scale you didn’t miss much (compared to very recent history).
It’s not even back where it was 2 days ago.

I am not so convinced this is over just yet. :slight_smile:

it is just normal that it bumps after a steep decrease. it’s never straight moves…

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I don’t get it, why do you start a new thread? Makes no sense, IMO…

I was just joking around.

Tbh I might have bought today/tomorrow since I usually DCA but skip very negative days.
I don’t have that many issues if it will go down again later next week.

To make it clearer to other readers? Merge it if you wish.

I would merge it and rename old thread. I already made a post about the same topic:

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I wouldnt rename it, i find it fitting. Merging is also bad, there is nothing super important in this thread. Im locking it.