CornerTrader security

Does anyone know if CornerTrader has Two Factor Authentication? AFAICT it seems to be only username/password…

CT has Symantec VIP as 2-factor authentication. I have it since a long time, but I was really complaining a lot to them to get it. Recently I got a new phone and had to use a new credential, and to my positive surprise, I could not change the credential myself. I had to give them a call and then they enabled the registration of a new credential.

I’m not fully happy with the process. I mean, it could be anyone calling, they didn’t really verify me. But if somebody would like to gain access my account, they would have to know my password AND trick CT to reset the credential.

Good to know, thanks! Does that apply to web login as well as the myCorner app I assume?

PS: Perhaps they recognized your (mobile) phone nr, so ‘knew’ it was you?