Corner Trader new platform and ETFs

CT is now offering a new platform, and a clerk also told me that they will offer new mutual funds and ETFs. Should arrive within the next two weeks also for the people using the Flex Trading platform.

Thanks for the update, I just think you can buy VT / VWRL with any kind of platform. What I care about is:

  1. cost (cheap)
  2. reliability (trustworthy & doesn’t break)
  3. flexibility (can top up, withdraw & exchange any currency)

I had a good look at Cornertrader Invest for a review I wrote. It’s a nice option for non-market-savvy investors and beginner traders.

Basically a minimalist version of the standard platform with less order and instruction types and no derivatives or leveraged products (just stock, mutual fund and ETF shares and bonds).

A good feature for new traders is that it guides you to popular investment options based on themes. The mutual funds and ETFs which are offered will also become available on the standard CT platform.

If you already use Cornertrader, there’s no real value to moving to Invest unless you want to remove the temptation to use CFDs and other risky leveraged products.

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