Coop & Migros Data Analytics on Nutrients

Hi all
I’d like to analyze my Coop / Migro bills electronically. For Coop, I found that the membership provides access only to PDF bills :see_no_evil:

does anyone know about migros? do they provide csv bills in your cumulus membership area?

I recently thought about a hobby-project that started with analyzing my supermarket bills for spending distributions, which has been previously discussed on this forum.

My next Idea was to use the billing information, connect it with nutrition tables and hence produce something that provides (rough) insight on what nutrients I eat based on what I buy, and how this changes with time.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, on Meine Kassenbons | Cumulus you can export receipts as CSV.

Sounds like a fun project

looks like i need to switch to cumulus :laughing: