Converting USD to CHF

Hi there,

I should be receiving soon an important amount of USD from abroad (>10k). Assuming I get it to arrive to a USD-denominated account at UBS (current plan), what would be the optimal way to convert in to CHF and get it on a CHF-denominated account in Switzerland?

I do not have a Revolut account and would like to avoid using their services. I do have a neon account, if it’s relevant. I do not have a WISE account, so I don’t know how it works.

Any idea on how I should do it?

(if useful: taxation matters aren’t not relevant for this question)


Have you tried using the forum search function? This question has already been widely discussed and solutions given…

I did, but most I’ve found was either CHF to USD or cash USD to CHF. I’d be happy if you can point me to the posts I’ve missed.

What’s the difference?

However I have a suggestion: transfer these money to Interactive Brokers… and invest :grinning:.


Doesn’t wiLLBe have decent exchange rates?