Confusion about commission paid to convert USD to SEK(Swedish Krona) on Interactive Brokers

is it normal the commission to convert USD to SEK is very expensive on IB? to convert other major currencies I generally get charged 1-2 CHF each time, Yesterday I converted 27k USD to SEK

Under Trade section, it shows 22, I assume that’s CHF as I always get charged in CHF when converting currency even from Euro to USD

However in the daily trade report it seems to show 1.79 CHF commission

anyone has any insight? Thanks

You trade USD/SEK, base currency is SEK. Order size is the amount of USD sold or bought. The price is “value” of 1 USD divided by the “value” of SEK, i.e. how much SEK you get per 1 USD.

The commission is charged (or at least shown?) in the base currency. And I think it is always an equivalent of 2 USD.

It says 1.79 CHF.

It’s 22 SEK, not CHF. You probably always just assumed that it’s CHF because USD and CHF are almost worth the same.

I think there should even be some option to always show the currency next to numbers. I also find it very confusing without it.

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