Concombre escaping from the jar

Hello Mustachians,

I finally decided to write my first post here after discovering the blog some months ago. I was really interested to buy a classic VT ETF on IB as it looked like the best (and easiest) way to get started in this world at the age of 28. I don’t have a finance background (not at all actually). I was then not courageous enough to buy my first 10k ETF…

Problem is (if it is really one): I have a “portfolio” at my bank (BCV). After I opened an account there, I met an advisor which convinced me to put money (50k CHF) in an active (not sure if it’s really active) managed fund (long term). Now, you can imagine that after reading lots of posts here I realized it was totally not worth it and still isn’t… TER is in the 2+% I suppose (don’t want to check to avoid headache). I now do not see any interest in keeping this “strategy”. I also opened a VIAC 3rd pillar account (thanks to the blog again!) and I can already see how it makes a difference with a traditional 3rd pillar account. I feel like it’s the modern way of “banking”.

So now I really want to close this “portfolio” and transfer my money to an IB account to invest in low TER ETFs. The question is what are my options to get rid of this 50k BCV portfolio the cheapest way possible? Do any of you had such a similar portfolio and could recommend me a strategy? I will also check with my bank of course but prefer to have some advices from knowledgable fellow mustachians!

I’m not currently into a real FIRE plan as I’m just starting learning. I know I should have a plan at some point and will try to set it up.

Thanks for this nice place to exchange :wink:

Ask BCV how much would it cost to sell the whole portfolio, sell it, then transfer the money to IB, invest in VT


I was about to write the exact same comment as you @wapiti :slight_smile: @concombre really believe that you should close your BCV trading account and go for IB. Thus, you will reach the 100k sooner on IB and lower your fees.