Company thinking about changing pillar 2 provider – what to look for?

We’re a small company (under 20 people) and our boss just told me that he thinks about switching our pillar 2 to another company. I asked him if we employees could voice our opinions in this, and he seems open to it.

What should I look for (except for passive investing)? What’s the most “mustachian” pillar 2 out there? What are your opinions about this?

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Profond has a decent allocation and corresponding returns over the long term :wink:

They’re also nicely digital, you can do pretty much everything online including requesting an uptodate pension fund certificate that’ll be ready for downloading shortly after.

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Hopefully he’s open about it - because it is a legal right for employees to have a say in it.

That they offer good funds. We went with UBS and have a very crappy selection of funds which made next to no money for decades.

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Based on my experience, this is not always the case, even if in the law

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Calling it “rather loosely enforced” would still be understating it. :wink:

That said, I’m quite sure the provision in law applies (in theory).

… except for UBS.

I’ll show myself out, sir.

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