Company opening (Sàrl): Credit card with the best benefits and bank account

Dear All,
I would like to ask for your advice re the credit card: we will need a CC for a company that will make payments outside of Switzerland and in Switzerland and I wonder what is the best solution for having benefits: miles, bonuses, etc.
For our family, we are already using cumulus for the payments in Switzerland and Revolut & Transferwise for non-CHF ones.

Another question re bank account: we will need to open a current bank account for Sàrl, and the cheapest bank I have found so far is Migros. They are charging CHF 3.50 per month.
Do you know any bank with better client service for the same or lower price?

Thank you very much for your help.

I guess this depends on the amount of money you spend as it is the case with private credit cards. I hope this calculator helps:

3.50 per month is probably the cheapest you can get for a company acccount. Valiant is charging 4 CHF per month, but you need to pay 250.- for creating the company account and confirming the 20k payment on the blocked account to the notary. That’s something you might want to check with Migrosbank as well.

Regarding credit cards: most bank credit cards suck, at least if you use them outside of Switzerland. Costs are between 70.- and 100.- (can be higher if you use Gold) Mastercard is usually a bit cheaper (e.g. 70.-), VISA is about 100.- (VISA Business Silver)
If you plan to pay to do a lot of payments outside of Switzerland, you might want to check Revolut Business for those payments.

On a side note: you are going to put 20k down for the creation of the Sàrl, but you are penny-pinching for a bank account :wink:

thank you so much for your reply.

Look I will take an existing company over and do not need to put 20K in this particular case, and you are right that the bank charges are peanuts, but still, I prefer them on my bank account and not on the bank’s account as I dod hope the company will last longtime.

thanks a lot, will check

I don’t know the circumstances, but which sane person would sell you a company for less money than he put down in the first place (unless the company has debt, and he/she wants to get rid of his/her obligations)? I would carefully perform a due diligence (accounting, debt, bank accounts etc) for this transaction.

I don’t understand this sentence. You hope the company will last a long time, or you don’t hope it will last?

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