Companies posting job ads with concrete salary ranges

Hi all
After reading an NZZ article on Salary Transparency I checked out the job offers of Postfinance - they indeed start to post their salary ranges: Example

Do you have other examples of companies posting salaries publicly, with examples?

  • ETH publishes salaries for PhDs and PostDocs here

I have only seen it for some time limited contract assignments.

Otherwise I have made the craziest experiences. Like companies offering five-figure salaries to people with 15 years of experience. Or companies where HR negotiated the salary during the first interview round and then the hiring manager tried to cut that by 20% after the third round.

I think that‘s great. Saves everybody a lot of time too.


The moment were you say thank you very much, but I think we are not a match. :sunglasses:

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Given how most people in Switzerland earn five-figure salaries, there’s nothing crazy about that.

But I guess it depends on your personal reference (and line of work).
The six-figure salaries of Mustachian Posters here aren’t the norm in the broader population.

Well if you look at the male population with white collar jobs, they are :smiley:

The male population with white collar jobs are a minority in the overall population.
And even in the workforce - though I’m very they’re not among users on this forum.