Collecting ideas for an automated factsheet import

Hey guys I am collecting ideas for an implementation of a tool, that:

  1. automatically downloads monthly factsheets publications from index providers (MSCI/FTSE)

  2. gets from the monthly factsheet the actual country weights

  3. copy the weights into my excel sheet

Step 1. is optional, since I dont know if its even possible as private person without a subscription to the services of the index provider. Any suggestions in which language to write the tool if the end destination is excel. Direct import through excel results in a formatting nightmare so far.

interactive brokers portfolioanalyst, check for “parsed” data (with known to them funds expanded into constituents)

but frankly as the big companies dominating the indexes today are giant transnationals, attributing them to a single county by primary stock listing strikes me as a pointless ordeal. for example nestle only makes 1-2% revenue in CH. do you really want to attribute it to CH? dont make me laugh

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Thx for the tool recommendation, but I dont have my portfolio at IB and dont plan anytime soon :slight_smile:

I see your point with giant transnational companies and global revenues, but consider for a second that not everyones Portfolio is heavely loaded on large caps :wink:

Those factsheets are usually also available as CSV files, with all details in it. Those can be imported ad analyzed in Excel pretty easily.

E.g. here: at the bottom of the Positions table.

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Thank you very much. Unfortunately it exists only for iShare ETFs and I would like to have an over all solution for all my ETFs.

Which ETFs do you have? I’ve definitely seen it at other big funds too.

This one
ISIN: LU0671493277 On the right above the table.

Unfortunately it’s not always exactly the same format, so here you would have to parse it based on the ISIN.

(Also this would not work for synthetic funds, because the assets they hold do not have to match the index they track.)

Haha thank you very much. Sadly I am now out of reasons to start a little side project ^^

You could still parse it so it’s a nice graph. Maybe if you do it on Google Sheets it could become a nice thing that you could easily share with everyone.

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I think i will do it with vba, atleast step 2 and 3. I am not particularly a fan of Google Sheets. I prefer to hold my Portfolio Tracker offline, as long as I have my Office 365 Subscription, but I could share the script for the macro here, once I am done.

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