Cold calls from financial advisors

I know about cold calls from health insurance salespeople near the end of the year, but this is the first time I’ve received an unsolicited call at work. It was a financial advisory targeting expats. They seem to have just called our secretary’s office and asked for me (in English)… a bit strange and agressive as a sales tactic IMO.

I’m curious as to whether or not anyone else has dealt with this type of thing…

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If I got this type of phone call at work I would be furious.
How did they get your name and your work address? Always ask them. If the company is based in CH, you can report them.


Today I got a call…not even sure about what (I guess health insurance), but for sure it was from call center (I’ve heard many voices in the background). Guy asked me if I speak German, I replied that I speak English and then it started…

He said (in English): you live in Switzerland and you speak to me in English? What the fuck?

I replied yes and asked about his name.

Then he told me that his name is: “fucking motherfucker” added some threats and disconnected the call…

I still cannot believe it :D. I tried to check the number, but I just found bunch of sites telling it is telemarketing etc., but no contact details to complain about the guy…


Salesman of the year right there! :joy:


Expats working in multinationals get them all the time. They crawl through Linkedin data for new ‘imports’ to Switzerland. When I joined a very large MNL a few months ago I refused a landline just for this reason. Some have found my mobile or they write through Linkedin. My company blocks many domains such as deVere and friends.


yes, it happened to me multiple times

It was deVere. I guess they are notorious!

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