[COFFEE] Should we ban certain forum members?

Can’t we just ban people that most of the forum don’t agree with?


I don’t think that’s the proper way to handle disagreement (to ban just because people get “triggered”; unless it devolves into personal insults or such). :slight_smile:

I support staying on topic where precise questions are asked, and leave the freedom of discussing and exchanging opinions at length in a “coffee” area of topics (and whoever wants to keep their eyes off those, can mute the topic/subforum). :+1:


I second that!
Why to write lengthy and hardly objectively applicable rules, when you just get rid of single passive aggressive outlier. There are plenty of people who brings discussion in acceptable manner.
How do you block person yourself?


Maybe it would be the best for all of us :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still believe in the fundamentals of free speech so I don’t think people should be banned. There are a lot of nonsense posts indeed from that person but you can easily mute persons so why not just do that?


It’s a big stretch from being an a$$ and calling names to a free speech fundamentals.
I take this forum as private venture where private rules apply. Or democracy where majority rules.
We don’t limit him of free speech. He can create his forum, find like minded people, gather 100k signatures for referendum and change this authoritarian Switzerland, where 65% supported all the restrictions, to democratic. Still see issue with attitude though.
Btw, in Belarus there were no covid restrictions or covid itself. Just an idea.
Finally, why do I care? Probably home office got me… just reaching out :slight_smile:


I think it is a bad idea

I don’t support banning.

However perhaps we could align some rules of engagement regards overly provocative statements

For example:

“I think that parents who vaccinate their children against Corona should have parental custody withdrawn.”

“if everyone stood together against despotism, we could have overthrown the restrictions”

I know there is a movement to speak up against cancel culture and woke-ism but there is a happy medium. The above just seems excessively inflammatory to me and if you weren’t anonymous behind a keyboard would get you in a fight if you said it at work, or a broken nose if you said it in a bar :slight_smile:


I support banning, and I see that @monkk already explained the difference between free speech and talking on a forum.

The usually mumbo jumbo about free speech in this context is wrong.

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well luckily we are sitting inside a virtual coffee then… :sunglasses: and in any case I think we are going too personal here, as it appears from the provocative topic title (even for a coffee section)
Ban rules - if any - should be established by the owner of the forum (possibly in agreement with the moderators as he is not closely following the discussions apparently)
As it has been said several times, the instruments (mute function, coffee section etc) are there so let’s hope that everyone will behave responsibly and no further action will be necessary


Just so that we are clear:

To have a strong disagreement with someone is not a valid reason to ban this person.

The last thing I want for this forum is to be an echo chamber.

Over the last five years, if I had to ban everybody I had a strong disagreement with, I would certainly have banned Patron. But I would also have banned numerous other people, many of whom are, funnily enough, in favor of banning Patron. There is just no way that everybody will agree with everybody all the time, and strong (and sometimes recurring) disagreements are bound to happen.

So here is the current list of criteria that are worthy of a ban:

  • Repeated breaches to the new Moderation Policy
  • Spamming
  • Illegal behavior (crime, apology of crime, etc)
  • Repeated insults and similar incivilities
  • publicly bullying and ganging up on other people

I’m sorry but I find this cancel culture a bad omen, it’s the sign of our times. Derailing threads is bad. But having an opinion that doesn’t fit into the mainstream should not be the cause for a ban.


I assume there are toxic behavior that are not illegal but would still trigger a ban, right? I hope if someone is being a jerk, we wouldn’t let them slowly destroy the community.

(to be clear, there’s no subtext, I’m not talking about anyone)

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