[COFFEE] Inflation, Interest Rates & Real Estate

Sorry if my casual tone put you off. Too much of discord chat where this kind of language is common. I didn’t mean to intimidate you.

Anyway, I’m not saying I totally believe the 80y prediction. It’s our best bet. Maybe if robots start doing our jobs, we will discover a newfound inspiration to make more kids. Personally, I think many places in the World are overcrowded, I dislike the size of many capital cities, the complex infrastructure that has to be built to support it all. So in that sense I’m ok with the growth slowing down. I think it is just happening very fast, and the young people will have many old ones to take care of in the future.

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We’re on the same page here. Large cities are a pain, but unfortunately those attract the most people. Because they are aiming for a better life for themselves and their families. In Switzerland we’re pretty fortunate that there’s no large city (not counting Zurich as large), especially if you compare to places like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Manila.

We can’t grow infinitely on this planet, so there needs to be some slowing down. On the other hand: we are looking at it from a first world perspective in one of the richest countries on this planet. I do understand the other 6 or 7 billion people who also want to have what we have, which is a driver for growth.

That’s possible - or we just end up like Japan where male guys are rather having a virtual girlfriend than actually dating a woman in real life.

I get the robot idea, and it would be too good to be true: not having to do stupid labor work, instead concentrating on other aspects of life. There are several layers to this one. One of them unfortunately is loss of power for some people (government, ultra rich). If people are not occupied anymore by trying to work more to gain more, they might think about the bigger picture and start revolutions. That’s one of the reasons why I think a general basic income for everyone is not working. Plus, there would be no incentive for people to actually build/achieve something anymore.

I guess it’s tricky situation in general. Western / 1st world civilizations getting older and older, having fewer children, while at the same time trying to hold on to the status quo. On the other hand, 7 billion people trying to be part of that first world. I don’t have a final answer to the question of how to solve that dilemma.

Or quite the opposite. Robots will not take over all our jobs, just the easy ones. There will be no sellers in shops, cashiers, some cleaning jobs will disappear, things you can automate will disappear, maybe waiters, etc. but also in areas where at the moment you can still earn money such as IT, easy jobs will disappear, e.g. the typical system administrator or IT supporter will just not be needed anymore because it’s all automated or done by bots and machines.

That could also mean that the chasm between rich and poor becomes much bigger and the middle class will basically disappear. So you need to be either clever enough to do a job that is complex enough so it cannot just be automated and then you will still be able to earn money, or you will just end up being poor with no income.

So, as a potential parent I would think twice about it. The current older generation may still slip through but the younger generation now may have some troubles in the future. And if your child is not a genius, it could potentially end up not very well.

Yes, indeed. I even think a decrease of overall population would be very beneficial.

Yes that’s true but for me even Zurich is already way too big and heavily overcrowded. I moved away because it was not comfortable anymore to live there and I’m originally from Zurich city.

Of course, it’s all subjective. I do understand your point about Zurich being too big and overcrowded. A lot of businesses are in Zurich, therefore it attracts a lot of people.