[COFFEE] AI and the effect on society

AI is getting better and better.
With machine learning and training we will get responsive and effective way to use AI.

I often failed to see tasks where AI could help us, sure a self driving car is nice but it did not blow my mind that a computer could do this tasks.

Here come DALL-E 2, does anyone know or heared abut this AI?
I just got access to the Beta, you can generate any image you want by simply putting some Text and a 20 seconds wait. To be true its mind blowing!

Its really mental and highly addictive.

Here is a video explaining the AI:

The future of AI amazes me and scares me at the same time.

Where do you see the future of AI?
Has anyone used DALL-E2?

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Mind blowing indeed! I get the same feelings watching the progress in robotics (i.e. Boston Dynamics)…


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Veolia did a trial with a whole wastewater treatment plant. Gave a model, some boundary conditions and at the end the AI managed to design a plant properly.

We are not far away that even highly complex tasks will be taken over by AI and that engineers become partially useles…

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Check out GPT3, also from the company that made dalle (OpenAI). You give it text and it continues what you wrote, so you can ask it to do tasks in normal language.

Recently Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other companies have created similar models. I believe that such “language models” as they are known will start having a very large impact in the world in the next few years.