Choosing a 2nd pillar

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A small but intersting variation about the famous choice of rhe 3rd pillar.

I was working as an independent for a few years but, fie fiscal reasons, I will soon found my own society and be my very own employee. As such I have to chose which 2nd pillar to subscribe. As i’m already all in inti viac for the 3rd,i’d like to know thé alternatives for the 2nd pillar.

Has anyone already looked into that subject ?

Check out valuepension (provider of finpension 3a, which is arguably “best” on the market at the moment).

Edit: My bad, misunderstanding from my end.

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Not an option here, since valuepension is a vested benefits foundation for people who do not have occupational insurance.

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I’ve done that for two companies I founded. Hit me up via PN and we can discuss in more detail.

If you understand german there are many comparison of different pension kasse ( Pillar 2 / Säule 2) that are published on swiss german finance magazines.

This is really detailed on all aspects of pensionKasse (coverage, insurance, costs, Yield,…)

here the 2021:

here 2020 version

If you become self-employed (sole proprietorship), you’ll be eligible for the much higher pillar 3a limit for self-employed persons without a pension fund. This should replace the need for a second pillar.

Alternatively, you can take out a second pillar plan from the Substitute Occupational Benefits Institution. Depending on your profession, you may also be able to join one of the pension funds offered by professional associations. If you do this, you will only get the lower pillar 3a limit for people with a pension fund. So it’s either/or, and in my opinion the pillar 3a with its investment opportunities is preferable to the minimal interest paid by pillar 2 pension plans. The tax benefit is basically the same.

If you found a company and become its employee, then you generally will have to join a pillar 2 pension fund, and get the lower pillar 3a.

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