CHF Money market funds [2023]

Thank you so so much for the reply. Regarding this paragraph particularly, I am still quite confused. If the performance 0.2% for four months continues in the rest of the year, the whole year performance is gonna be like 0.6%. This is still very far from number of YTM, like 1.5% - 1.9%. So apparently there is some basic fix-income knowledge I don’t get.

Seeing YTD performance 0.6% and YTM 1.5%, If I invest 100k and expect to exit after a year, should I expect 101.5k or 100.6k? I know in a savings account, I can expect 101.5k. Essentially I am looking for a savings account alternative, hopefully getting similar rates locked for as long as possible (1 year) by doing it myself. Is the thought too naive?