Checking for investment scams

A colleague at work was asking me what I think about this:
Appearently, you can buy RE in Germany with 100% mortgage. I told him it’s probably a scam and to better invest in a real RE fund than in some shady business. Has anyone heard of this company? Or a similar business model?

Doesn’t look like a scam. It looks more like a real estate agency basically

Sounds tempting with 0 equity. But what happens if
a) Valuation falls and mortgage is larger than RE value, or
b)interest is not paid

Do you just hand over the keys of the property to the bank (I don’t think so) or are you in personal debt?

Sounds very risky to me, especially since prices in Germany are decreasing.

Couldn’t find anything about this. There seem to be some kind of insurances, though:

Also not sure, why they can offer a mortgage with 0% equity. Maybe the apartments are rented to the government?

You can buy a house in Germany with 0% equity. You just need a good enough salary.

Plus good enough collateral I guess? Do you know how that works @Cortana? Does one need to pledge money?

You can even go up to 110% to include all the other costs: Vollfinanzierung: Hausfinanzierung ohne Eigenkapital |

A friend from Germany told me that you just need a high enough salary and no additional colateral. Especially for Swiss people it‘s easy to get a 100-110% loan.

After some googling: There are no strict laws and banks can decide for themselves. You can get a 100/110% loan if the actual amortization/interest costs are less than 30-35% of salary.

this looks like too good to be true but so many trustpilot reviews made me create this thread.

A big majority of traders lose money. So I don’t think it’s a guaranteed way to make money. However there are many people who do trading and that’s their main source of income, so it is possible to make money with trading.

I personally think that the person selling them course most likely makes money from selling the course itself.

What is your main motivation? To learn trading or grow wealth over time? If it’s second part then maybe long term buy and hold might be a better choice

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Let’s analyze the site:

  • creator says he has revolutionized trading? :white_check_mark:
  • full of testimonials from students? :white_check_mark:
  • list of unverified results? :white_check_mark:
  • Lots of positive reviews? :white_check_mark:
  • Join the group now? :white_check_mark:
  • Paid articles about himself? :white_check_mark:
  • Sells you a trading course? :white_check_mark:
  • Has an Instagram where he brags with supercars, nice locations and expensive watches? :white_check_mark:
  • His FFINVEST LLC cannot be found online [1]? :white_check_mark:
  • The Fred Trading is run by HOGG CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED in Malta, which is a brand owned by Fintech Media Advertising SA, a Romanian company, just as an intersting side note.

If he is so successful, why would he teach other people how to do it? Wouldn’t it be smarter to keep your mouth shut and become the next billionare by selling your tools to BlackRock, since you found the ultimate strategy?

Also, burried in the Privacy Policy he even warns you:

74-89% of retail investors lose money trading. You should consider whether to seek independent advice, whether you understand how investing works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Your capital is subject to a high risk of loss.

As @Abs_max wrote: Yes there are people that earn a living by daytrading, but my intuition is, that this guy earns a living by selling you a course. All the things he will teach you, you can find and learn for free on the internet.



The Instagram presence smells like scam.

Hi all,

They are borrowing money with a 2-year-long contract, and offering a guaranteed 8.5%.

Too good to be true?

What is wrong with it? Please destroy it and show only the bad parts :slight_smile:

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What is their guarantee worth if they are bankrupt?

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Looks legit:

This is their, ahem, office building.

Even has a Police sign in front of it!

A hairdresser as well as a tax preparation service seem to rent on the ground floor.

The hairdresser is probably a sign that you’ll take a haircut with this investment.
If not, you can consult with the tax preparation service on how to best avoid paying taxes on the 8.5% return.


Also, look at this gem:

Scroll to the bottom of their “About Us” page and hover with your mouse on the (badly snipped) UBS logo to see the filename of the UBS logo …

Another sign that true pros are behind this company. Clearly and unquestionably.
Guaranteed, so to say …


What‘s wrong? Probably everything.

Just ignore any and ALL promises from anyone with such high returns.


Just sold all my ETFs and invested in them.

  • there is no imprint. Not that it’s required, but rather strange, since everybody has one. The company is Garon SA, and is very new [1]:
  • Their office is just a C/O of some Treuhaender
  • And the page URL is in russian for whatever reason (копия = copy). Maybe because one of the owners is Ukrainian [2].

[1] NorthData: Garon SA, Sierre, Schweiz Zefix: ZefixWebApp


Hey now. They at least use https and serve a valid TLS certificate.* :wink:

* Freshly minted by Let’s Encrypt on February 25 close to 1 a.m. …


The person behind this company also seems to own/be the president a french company called SAS Litven [1], which at first glance doesn’t seem to be doing too fine.

@Your_Full_Name Having a Let’s Encrypt certificate doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Let’s Encrypt is probably the most used SSL certificate authority. Lot’s of businesses use them too [2]. Since the website is hosted on Wix, it is manged by it.

[1] NorthData: SAS Litven, Saint-Genis-Pouilly, Frankreich, [2] Pappers:
[2] , a legitimate real estate company, is using Let’s Encrypt too. And they offer bonds at 2.5-4%, much more “serious” I’d say… just as a comparison.