Cheapest way to get EUR from German bank account

Does anyone know what would be the cheapest way to get EUR from a German account to Switzerland? Would it be to create a EUR account at Postfinance and get it there to avoid the 0.5 - 1 % conversion fee? I guess SEPA transfer would be free, right?

Does anyone have experience with these EUR accounts from Postfinance? Like, when you take money from the ATM, does it take it from your EUR account if you have one, or it always converts from your CHF account with the conversion fee?

You get a different PF card to withdraw from your Eur account

yes I have, and i managed to send EUR to my german bank account and IB without losses. never converted EUR <-> CHF tho

How can you send eur to IB if the currency of their account is in chf?

you it will just add to your account. you can have any currency position in your account

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You have to specify currency when making a deposit notification, they’ll give you a different account number for euros

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