Cheapest "real" Credit Card

I’m thinking of moving my main account to Neon away from ZugerKB which has increased their fees this year. However I did like the Gold Viseca credit card for it being a real credit card (accepted at car rental facilities etc.). What is currently the cheapest “real” credit card? Bonus points if it’s one that supports Google Pay and eBills.

What is wrong with Cashback cards, cards from Migros, Coop, IKEA, …?

Coop supercard from TopCard.
Cashback cards and other cards from Swisscard.

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Sure the cashback cards work with Google Pay? I just tried (again) with the Amex and it’s a no-go.

Yes, but there is also a Visa/MasterCard in a set.
I have other older cards from Swisscard in Google pay.

Speaking of which, there are must be bonuses for ordering a new card. Happy to provide referral links if you want.

IKEA promises 50 CHF starting credit, but it is Cembra, so no ebill.

Probably nothing wrong with them. Which of those do support eBill invoicing and Google Pay tho?

Coop supercard from TopCard I have in Google pay and they support eBill. And I would say it even looks nice for a free credit card.

I am 99% sure that you can add Visa/MasterCard from Cashback set to Google pay, I just didn’t do it myself. Also with ebill.

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And a note about something I didn’t write yet. You can use it to pay for Reka credits when charging Reka account with 3% discount at Coop.

But to maximize Cashback, you have to pay with Cashback Amex card at Coop %)

For the cashback I’m purely using my credit card. The only usecase for a new “credit” credit card would be the car rentals and potential emergency fund (I’d need a 10k CHF limit or so).

Sounds good, anybody with a beancount importer available for either the Coop or the Cashback cards?

Which they might not let you do. At least I was told by the coop clerk that I couldn’t use a credit card to buy Reka checks. Happy to try again in a shop where the employees might not know this rule :slight_smile:

This is correct, Coop credit card being an exception.

I have meant to use AMEX for regular shopping in Coop.

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According to this Google support page for Swisscards, only MasterCard cards are compatible.

The Coop one should work as it is a TopCard card and those are all supported.

Also jumping in on this topic. So far, I was using a VISA credit card from DKB, but DKB decided to change to debit cards now. If I want to keep my credit card, I have to pay 2.49€ per month going forward (30€ per year). I didn’t use it much in the last two years for obvious reasons, but before that I was really happy with the card.

Reading this thread, it seems that COOP supercard might be a good alternative. I would only need this card in case of emergency, if no other debit or prepaid card is working (I have neon, Revolut and Yuh).

In Germany, there’s also Barclays who are offering a credit card. This can be trained up to 30k limit.

Same here for me. Is it possible to increase the limit of COOP supercard to 10k, or do you have to increase your score to raise the limits?

I assume the COOP card doesn’t have good rates when paying abroad, but I guess I would only need it in case no other card works.

I searched the forum for credit card topics already, and there are plenty unfortunately. Didn’t really see a consensus for the best free (or inexpensive) credit card. I could also continue to use my credit card from DKB (30€ seems fair, even though I didn’t pay anything for it over the last years).

I think they will decide themselves based on your financial situation. I remember for old coop credit cards, like 5 years ago, there was a formular for asking to increase a limit, but I didn’t try. If you want more, order another free credit card.

Why so? Set of Cashback cards, I would say.

So you would order COOP supercard and maybe Migros Cumulus card? Maximum limit for COOP supercard is 10k, maximum for Migros Cumulus is 15k (from what I could find online).

I was never a fan of the cashback stuff, but ok - if it comes with the card whatever. Your set of cashback cards would include?

It depends where you usually shop. If you primarily shop in Migros, then you should get Coop Supercard, if you shop primarily in Coop, then you should get the Migros card.

Reason for that is that you can’t get rewards twice. If you shop in Migros then you anyway get Cumulus points and when you pay with Cumulus card, you won’t get them twice so basically you get no reward for paying with credit card. Therefore, it’s better to always pay with the competitor’s card so you get Cumulus points at Migros plus Coop points for paying with credit card. And at Coop you get supercard points anyway plus Cumulus points for paying with the Migros credit card.

I don’t know if that’s the maximum but that’s the limits I got by default when I ordered the cards.

Why not? If you can get paid around 500 CHF per year just for using a credit card, why not take it?

Drawback of Cumulus card is that it’s from Cembra at least until they switch to Migros Bank, and Cembra does not and does not plan to support E-Bill. Which is a dealbreaker for me so I cancelled it again.

Other options are Swisscards Cashback MC & Amex, but to make it worth you have to pay everything with Amex and Amex is not supported in many places.

Also, I suggest to check your employers fringe benefits. I recently discovered by accident that my employer has a deal with a credit card company so employees can get a Mastercard with 1% Cashback including partner cards if required, for free (yearly fee waived for as long as you keep the contract). I suspect that other employers may have similar deals.

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That’s a good point I never thought about. So you would show your COOP supercard at the cashier before they start scanning, and then pay with your Migros Cumulus card, right?

Ok, you’ve got a point. So far I couldn’t be bothered, and it just annoys me when they ask for supercard/Cumulus when I go shopping.

E-Bill is not a big issue for me, more the reputation of Cembra itself.

I have my own company, so unfortunately there are no employer fringe benefits when it comes to credit cards :wink:

Yes exactly. And at Migros you do exactly the opposite. Scan your cumulus and pay with Coop supercard. Then you always get double points (1x for Migros and 1x for Coop).

Like that, I usually collected enough points to get the whole Christmas and New Year shopping for free.

Yes, that’s very annoying. But I anyway hate the classic checkout process where you have to put everything into a cart then wait at the checkout, then take out everything, then wait until the cashier scanned everything, and then put everything back. That annoys the hell out of me and therefore I use self-scanning for years now.

Like that you can you take that small scanner they give you at the entrance or you can also use your phone. You scan everything on the go by yourself and put it directly into the bag and you never have to take stuff out again, only at home. No waiting, no queue, no take out things twice for nothing, nobody touches your stuff, no interactions, you just go straight to pay and leave. It saves a hell lot of time, is much more convenient and much faster.

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