Cheapest disability Insurance?


I am currently self-employed making a decent salary, after moving to Switzerland about 5 years ago. So no Pillar 2 insurances, but paying the max for self-employed (~34K CHF/year) into my Pillar 3a with Finpension.

Since I am financially comfortable and savings are on track, I am looking to insure myself against disability since I will only get something like 1195 to 2390 CHF/month from the compulsory insurance in case of being fully disabled.

Currently, I am paying 2500CHF/year for 100K life insurance + 40K/year pension in the event of becoming disabled. After a bit of research, it seems like I am overpaying. I don’t have dependents (wife should be able to sustain herself alone), so I don’t really need a life insurance at all. But I would like to have an income, even if I lost the ability to work

The cheapest quote for disability insurance I could find online was Zurich giving me a quote of 110CHF/month for a disability insurance policy that pays 36K CHF/year pension in case of fully disabled.

Just wanted to hear if any Mustachians have additional disability insurance, and where to find the cheapest solution!



Its counter intuitive I know, but try:

They provide you access to B2B conditions and they work with ElipsLife; so a good and reputed insurance company (that however doesnt serve the B2C channel). Your Insurance is with Elipslife, so you can ignore the „broker“ once the contract was signed.


Thanks for the link! they are actually much more affordable, even for six-figures salaries.

I couldn’t read if they also offer a partial pension if one gets partially disabled but will read closer and reach out for an offer!