Cheapest broker for USDC/USD conversion for a corporation

Hi everyone,

My LLC receives roughly $500k per year in USDC and I am looking for the cheapest broker to cash out to USD (to my Swiss USD account and ultimately to IBKR). So far I have looked at:

  • Kraken: 0.2% exchange fee → $1,000 fees per year
  • Lykke: No fees, but liquidity for USDC is quite low and the spread would usually be 0.12% → $600 fees per year
  • Coinbase: Free for individuals, but I talked with them and they have fees for corporations (you are not allowed to disclose them, but they are quite high).
  • Binance: SWIFT transfers currently halted, so I would not be able to cash out. Might otherwise be a viable option, but I would need to check with them.

Do you know a better option? Ideally, I would like to not pay $600 just to swap USD to USD…

I recently looked at crypto exchanges that allow deposit/withdraw fiat money, although I was more interested in CHF and EUR.

You can check Gemini, but their trading fees are higher than Kraken’s. Bitfinex, trading fees are quite okay.

If Kraken works for you (and it is 0.26%), I would suggest to just go with them. They have just survived SEC investigation, it is worth something.

They have a different fee structure for stables, 0.26% is Crypto spot:

But true, going with a somewhat trustworthy broker might save you tens of thousands of dollars when the alternative halts withdrawals just when you want to cash out. I also contacted Circle directly, they have free redemption for personal accounts, let’s see what their business fees are. And if Circle goes down, you have a problem no matter which Broker you use, so probably the safest option.

Use Revolut Metal → USD account in UK → Binance withdraw thru SEPA works afaik