Cheap dentist for dental cleaning

Hi fellow Mustachians

I really need to get a tooth cleaning done on me (“Zahnreinigung”), specifically in the Zurich area.
Going to another country currently is not an option for me, so unfortunately it must be around here.

Any suggestions for a non expensive place? Ideas of how much that costs?
I’ve always done abroad in the past, so not sure what to expect.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


I pay about 130 for my cleaning (in CH, but far from ZH).

I think I was paying between 130 and 160 probably. Last time was like 2 years ago

good for you! I need to go twice a year and always do it in Poland for 300 PLN, so 75 CHF. But it is 3in1: scaling + sand + fluor. Takes about 30-40 minutes.

I should go every year. I just don’t.

Protip: while dentists here are very reluctant to quote a price over the phone (because it depends on how much time they spend, and that depends on how long it’s been since you last went, how much scale you get, etc), there is an easy way to figure it out. All dentists use a points system for billing. A consultation is 10 points (making this up) wherever you go, an xray is 4 points, etc. The number of points is agreed by the Swiss dentists’ order and every dentist goes by these numbers.

So if you ask the dentist for the cost of the reference point at their practice, you’ll be able to compare prices without having to ask for the exact price of the treatment: a dentist that has a point cost of 1 will be cheaper than a dentist who has a point cost of 2.5 for any given act.

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We need a site for that. Care to call some dentists around?

This site kind of shows the Taxpunktwerte, at least for the dentists that enter it. Entering the TPW ups their position in the list, so a bit of incentive. Don’t know how current the values are, although I guess the TPW typically stays relatively constant, and the number of TPW per procedure defined by the Swiss Dentists Assoc. is regularly adjusted for inflation etc.

I asked in a different thread, but since this one is dental care oriented:

What do you think about the Assura DENTA PLUS insurance? It would cost me 18.80 CHF per month. What is included:

  • plaque removal up to 80 CHF refund per year
  • treatment: 500 CHF paid by yourself, then 80% of up to 15’000 CHF covered
  • orthodontics: 80% of up to 500 CHF
  • crowns, prosthetics: 80% of up to 1000 CHF per year

It feels like most teeth treatment costs under 500 CHF. Only root canal would be more expensive, but I could also do that in Poland. It’s hard to estimate how bad will my teeth get with age. And I can pay 2000, even 3000 if it happens, so it kind of goes against my principle of only insuring against what I can’t afford to pay.

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I have it with assura, they told me that up to 500 chf, everything is covered by them. Which is the correct one?

If you have DENTA PLUS, you cover the first 500 CHF yourself.

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and the rest is gonna be paid by me and then returned at the end of the year from Assura?

I don’t know if it’s end of year. They have an app where you can scan health insurance bills. Probably once you cross the 500 mark they will start sending you back the money.

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amazing, thanks a lot :+1

Have you aver used it? I read it and it doesn’t sound like that.

How is it different from what I said? Ambulante Behandlungen: 80% of the cost up to 15’000, after a deduction of 500 CHF

So if you get a treatment for 1500 CHF, you pay 500 CHF and then 20% of the remaining 1000. You pay 700 CHF, they pay 800 CHF.

I misread it or it wasn’t clear about the 80% part.

That’s for “normal” young persons. If you need to correct the alignment and you are not 20y old, I think you pay full. If you need crowns you get paid max 1000 per year, which I’ve read somewhere it’s laughably low in Switzerland.

Yeah I forgot about the 80%, thanks. But I was correct about 500 deductible. Well, in the end this insurance has many exclusions and I first signed up for it, then I didnt go for the dental check that i required to be accepted.

I’m still in my twenties thankfully, so it works perfectly for me.