Cheap dentist for dental cleaning

Hi fellow Mustachians

I really need to get a tooth cleaning done on me (“Zahnreinigung”), specifically in the Zurich area.
Going to another country currently is not an option for me, so unfortunately it must be around here.

Any suggestions for a non expensive place? Ideas of how much that costs?
I’ve always done abroad in the past, so not sure what to expect.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


I pay about 130 for my cleaning (in CH, but far from ZH).

I think I was paying between 130 and 160 probably. Last time was like 2 years ago

good for you! I need to go twice a year and always do it in Poland for 300 PLN, so 75 CHF. But it is 3in1: scaling + sand + fluor. Takes about 30-40 minutes.

I should go every year. I just don’t.

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