Charity vs Income Tax. Is Switzerland socialist?

I have to disagree there. Actually what is considered to be left today, was considered totally normal in conservative parties as well. There has been a real shift towards neoliberalism in the last 70y which is demonstrabable. For instance max. percantage of income tax has been lowered through the years etc. And not only in one country, this can be shown in most countries.

What do you think about the idea of a « micro-tax » which will replace the TVA and the Stamp Duty Tax ? This idea could also abolished all currently tax in Switzerland because it’s based on consumption. So if you have more money to spent instead of paying taxes, for people who don’t care about saving, they will spent more. Just an idea.

I’m all for tax solutions that are easy to understand, cheap to enforce, hard to avoid and don’t penalize positive behavior. I haven’t heard about this micro tax and don’t speak French :slight_smile: so I can’t say more about it.

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