Changing flatmate - repairs / potential costs

I‘m currently in the following situation:
I live in a two-bedroom appartment and a change of flatmate is coming up (current contract includes my name and the name of my flatmate). New contract will be with my name and new flatmates name.

Now the question is how to make sure all repairs / potential overuse in common area (1/2 split) and my flatmates room are fairly compensated so my new flatmate and I don‘t have to borne those costs when eventually moving out. We have a Privathaftlicht/Hausrat insurance together.

Has anyone any experience / recommendations?

So far I‘ve come up with the following solutions

  1. Ask the landlord to come and do a writeup of damages (from whatever is visible with furniture staying in)
  2. Asking my insurance to come over (is that included in the insurance or how much would that cost?
  3. I‘ll get a new Privathaftpflicht/Hausrat with the new flatmate. Maybe they would take a look beforehand (different insurance)

Thank you for recommendations / experiences

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No related experience here but since the contract will change (change of the people contracting), I’d do an inspection with my landlord, the old flatmate and the future flatmate. Any damage identified then goes on the old Privathaftlicht policy. Your new flatmate starts fresh with a new contract and a new policy.

You could also decide to sort it out between your old flatmate and new flatmate without involving the landlord, in which case, your old flatmate would have to compensate your new flatmate and yourself for their share of the damages you’d identify.


Ask the landlord for a Übergabeprotokoll which he has to sign. If you have any repairs to do you can talk to your insurance.

Your insurance wont‘t come over and kind of „accepting“ the shape of the flat. They dont know how it looked at the beginning of your renting period and its not their job to say „we think you made a damage we should send some money to your landlord“.

Also be aware that your Haftpflichtversicherung wont simply pay any possible damages…

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