Changing Broker for Pillar 3a

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I’m a young apprentice of the mustachian way. I found this blog 4 months ago and I went through every article in the MMM blog as suggested somewhere.
I have a little sum invested in Selma. About 3k in stocks and 8k in pillar 3a. As I read somewhere, Interactive Brokers is more interesting for stocks and VIAC for pillar 3a.
Is it a good idea to move my pillar 3a to VIAC? If I do so, will I have to pay anything?

Thank you !


I’d go for Finpension. Viac has this weird requirement forcing you to invest a certain percentage in CHF (I believe 40%), effectively preventing you from implementing a global market cap strategy. Unless you want to buy a useless, expensive CHF-hedged MSCI World/EM ETF


Thank you @johndoe1
What about the timing of the transfer? I have a negative return right now. Is it better to wait until the value goes up again?

Assuming you have a high risk strategy (since you are young and retirement is far away), at Selma you pay around 0.90% of fees a year while both VIAC and finpension offer an equivalent service for 0.45%. It does not seem much but on the long term it will have a significant impact.

I personally find the reviews of Selma 3a and finpension vs VIAC by @thepoorswiss very informative.

Transferring your pension from Selma to VIAC/finpension should be free, but you can always hit Selma support in their live chat. Note that you first have to open your new 3a account and then fill out the form they provide you to initiate the transfer with Selma.


If you want to switch, transfer as soon as possible. You can’t predict the future, maybe it will be positive tomorrow, maybe it will stay negative for another 10 years.

What you describe is market timing and as always:
Time in the market > timing the market


Thank you !
What about the 3k in other investments? Should i move them to IB?

If you are ready to manage a broker account by yourself, then certainly yes.