Changing banks - checklist?

So I will be switching to a different bank soon. I want to make sure I have everything in order.

I have cancelled all the lsv direct debits from current bank.
Added the ebills for regular payments to next bank.
I will check and switch the standing orders soon to the new bank.
Have to alert my employer of change of bank of course.
Should I download some specific documents from current bank? Like all transactions up to date?

When do I tell the current bank? Before or after I wire myself the remaining money?

Anything else I need to do?


Yes! All of them. Why wouldn’t you? It’s like 10 min. task now and can be a hassle in the future…

You can also let the current bank handle this. Just ask for a account closure (ger: “Saldierung”) providing the IBAN of the new bank. IMO, they have to calculate and wire the pro rata interest of the current year to the new bank anyway…

hm, not that I can think off
:white_check_mark: LSV
:white_check_mark: eBill
:white_check_mark: Standing order
:white_check_mark: Employer
:white_check_mark: Documents
:white_check_mark: Remaining balance / interests


maybe: cancel bank provided credit cards, if any?


…any other senders that may have your account number saved for payments to you, e.g. health insurance, tax administration, cashback site, investment accounts or deposits where you registered your account as a reference account?


Very good points both of you! I’m glad I asked here.

So will ask the current bank to close it once I got everything sorted.

I thought I notified all parties but there a dew more on your list I haven’t contacted, notably for tax administration.

You should wire some of your money by yourself in your new bank account in order to not being out of money for some days (ot happens to me once, luckely I had some extra cash with me for 2-3 days, because I wasn’t able to pay with my old ans new bank :sweat_smile:)

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