Changing bank, ebills & direct debits

hi everyone,

New member, but long time reader here.

I just wanted to know if anyone had an experience with changing banks and moving their ebills over? I’m currently at UBS and while I like their website/infrastructure, I don’t like their costs. I see that ZAK is recommended here and I’m willing to switch.

The catch is that I have a lot of ebill providers being paid directly through my UBS account. I also have some direct debits. I’m feeling almost trapped because I have no idea how to change these now.

Does anyone have experience changing banks/ebills/direct debits?

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I only switched e-bill once from OKB to ZugerKB and it was only a matter of logging in with the same email address in the new e-banking solution. All standing approvals were automatically taken from the new accounts. YMMV.

Regarding the direct debit, try to switch to e-bill with them if possible. For the others they will contact you relatively quickly if the old account doesn’t exist anymore.

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Welcome @SwissDan!

I switched from UBS to another bank a few months ago. After logging on my new bank e-banking platform, I connected it to my e-bill and all the new e-bills went through. However the already approved e-bills stayed on the old account and were paid on the due date.

Like you’re planning, I kept the two accounts in parallel for a few months, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Nothing nasty happened to my e-bills, so this seems to work.

Another issue might be the LSV billing linked to your old account, mine bounced back and it led to many emails and phone calls to get the bills right on track.

Is ZAK working with ebills? When I switched from UBS earlier this year I had to switch to Neon instead because it was not available at ZAK.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. You’re right @Gesk, ZAK doesn’t offer ebills yet, so not an option for me.

I moved from UBS to BCGE in 2014. It was relatively pain-free from memory - I was pleasantly surprised. Everything moved over without any issue.