Challenge March 2020

Hey Team MP,

Let’s go for our March 2020 challenge!
As I said in the article, for my part it’s a change in car insurance. And this is thanks to a reader of the blog who indeed challenged me at the end of last year :slight_smile:

After another comparison on Comparis, I found out again that I could save CHF 151 per year. I had just been lazy enough to do so. But I decided to make it happen and chose Smile-Direct. So it will be CHF 2’238 in our pocket in 10 years. And this just thanks to one or two tiny signatures :smiley:

And you, what are you gonna optimize in this spring month of March?

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Small up to see if anyone is willing to join the challenge? (fun fact, so far only french-speaking Team MP’s members joined the challenge)

Hi all,

After reading many post I’ve decided that it’s time take some action! So here are my steps:

  • Move my savings to Zak (bank Cler) and close my account in PostFinance (60 CHF savings per year on fees). I’ve also requested the Migros card so that I can cancel my credit card (50CHF savings)
  • Select my portfolio
  • Open an account with IB

Let’s start the journey towards FI !! :smiley:

Have a nice day!


I like that! Good first steps :slight_smile: you’ll have to continue with insurance contracts in April!

Get your calculators ready!
This Tuesday 31.03 will be your moment of glory where you can list everything you’ve really put together over the last few days.

And whoever manages to save the most money each month will win a “Made by MP” surprise goodie :smiley:

I made a comparison too on Comparis and realized that I can potentially save around 200 Fr per year if I switch to Smile-Direct for car insurance. Unfortunately my 3 month notice to cancel with current insurance policy was end of Jan 2020, but anyway I’ll give a call next week to Zurich and ask them what is their counter-offer for me not to move. Usually this has worked in the past not only with insurance policies but also with internet providers (I did it twice already with UPC and squeezed them for lower monthly fee for their Internet+TV package - thanks Salt for that). Hopefully I’ll make it in time to still qualify for the challange :sweat_smile:

LE: re cancellation, there is this clause too (which, if I’m not wrong, here in CH is universal for all kinds of insurance policies - i know that it’s valid for health insurance too for sure) and I have a parking damage that I’ve been postponing to fix for more than a year…

Keep us posted if it works!! :wink:

So, @betube and @laoo_g, what are your final results as of 31.03.2020 so that we can decide who is the winner between you two? :slight_smile:

I’ve called Zurich y/day morning and they promised to call me back in the afternoon. They didn’t and I called them again today, and got the same reply that they’ll call me later today, but still they haven’t. I’ll give them a bit more time, considering the current situation…

No prob, let’s wait a bit then.
@betube what about you?

Hi all,

I’ve managed to cancel my account and credit card with Postfinance so total savings = 110 CHF :smiley:

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Do you already know what your savings will be for sure?
Else, I will close this challenge and you’ll still be able to join a future one :wink:

OK so let’s close our Team MP Challenge March 2020 for now.

The :1st_place_medal:winner is you dear @betube with CHF 110/year, i.e. CHF 1’632 more in 10 years (if invested at a 7% return). Congrats! I will ping you for the small surprise goodie :smiley:

Small changes can make a big difference! I’m already looking into potential savings for my health and car insurance.

Thanks MP for the small surprise!

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