CH start-up career and FI

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General advice to FI seekers is against working in start-up, at least in US as probability that low sallary will be compensated with big-bang byout is quite low. So traditional career is safer option.
Is there anyone working or having insight in CH start-up world and how it would align with FI? What are IT/product management sallaries here in start-ups?


It’s the same here. Startups have lower salary budgets and they try to compensate this with shares options programs. It’s useless unless you’re super lucky. In Zurich in terms of saiaries the best is: Google, then big banks, then everybody else. In terms of fun however startups are much better than banks.

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Exactly, as the number of VC is smaller, I would say it’s even less likely in Switzerland than in US that a startup become big and make your options/share valuable.
On a financial side working for a startup doesn’t make sense. Moreover, I would say that you need to work more hours than a big company.
However, it can be a lot more interesting to work for a startup

It’s not as bad. :wink: I worked in 4 startups in Zurich area. All of them paid me a decent salary (115-130k) and in all of them I was quite flexible with time - I’ve never worked more than 8h if I didn’t want to and I could work remotely at least a day a week.

I could probably earn more in a big bank. But for me fun factor is way more important at this level.

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