Cash Back Cards in 2022

Hi folks,
I see that there were multiple new cash back cards introduced in 2022 (Poinz, Certo etc).

I’m looking at getting a cashback card for my day-to-day purchases.

Is Swiss Cashback (AmEx + Visa / Master) still the best one around or are there any killer features with the new cards?


This thread goes beyond discussing only the Cumulus credit card and provides some good and recent advice on other cards too.

EDIT: The Poinz credit cards seem to mirror the Cashback card duo (1% Amex, 0.25% Visa) and they’re issued by the same issuer, Swisscard AECS. I know at least a couple of restaurants that have recently stopped accepting AMEX though.

Certo One provides 1% cashback on a Mastercard with three merchants of your choice (from about 20). But keep in mind that Denner, Migros, Coop and SBB - which arguably receive most of the day-to-day spend for many households - will accept AMEX just as well.

I’m applying for the IKEA Family credit card at the moment, which has 100 CHF sign-up bonus offer until the end of the year and (effectively) 1% cashback - paid in IKEA points/gift cards. I can surely find something to replace / buy for my household at good price at IKEA, if not eat at their restaurants. Additionally, forum member @Daniel made me aware that the card seems to have quite good insurance benefits (for a card without annual or monthly fees).

Finally, the new Cumulus credit card issued by Migros Bank seems an excellent choice as a “all-around” card for people who want to keep their “card portfolio” simple and not juggle around multiple cards but still get some bonus on their turnover.


I think you can consider Yuh a cashback card as well, since they give you qoins and 500q are ~ 6chf.

Side note: they pay you “per payment” not based on the amount. So 5 payments of 1chf are better than 1 of 10.chf.

Ok. cashback card is a bit of a stretch for it…

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If you think of getting a card that is with Cembra (e.g. Certo) be aware that they don’t offer eBill. I assume they make it hard on purpose to pay your bills, so you forget and they can bill you 30 CHF of fees.


Tt’s not through eBill, but my cambra bills are always somehow automatically paid from my PF account.

You probably have a LSV? But that’s very archaic and inflexible.

It’s 2022… I’m not going to print a paper, sign it, bring it to the bank to get it stamped, then send it to Cembra via paper mail! Why can’t that just be a function inside my eBanking that at least automatically sends that letter to Cembra.


I must have done something like that years ago and now totally forgot about it, so not so much of a hassle I’d say. But yes, eBill is better.

I’m more pissed that they still don’t offer Google Pay!

I find this too irritating.
I‘d just pay for every item at the self checkout separetely to get those coins. :joy: