Cash and Carry for groceries?

Has anybody tried shopping for their groceries at a Cash and Carry wholesaler like Prodega/Growa?

Their market is restaurants but maybe if a Mustachian household got a membership card somehow they could benefit? The first price I see is 1200g chicken for CHF 6.50 (in a pack of 10) and that sounds good (if you have a big enough freezer.)

See Catalog.

There’s Alligro C&C, they’ll let you shop wih no nonsense requirements like a business card and minimum purchase amounts

Generally the prices in C&C’s aren’t that much lower compared to normal retail, the advantage for business is in VAT processing and bulk packaging.

As an ordinary consumer you’ll save a lot more shopping over the border and claiming VAT refunds. It’s great for family trips too as VAT- and duty-free import limits are proportional to number of heads in your car: “Kids, help daddy import a bottle of vodka duty free each.”



I have been shopping at Aligro and C&C when cooking for a lot of people. I’d say Lidl and Aldi are MUCH cheaper.

C&C sells mostly brand products while Aldi and Lidl let the same factories produce the same in another packaging.

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Thanks for the insights everybody.

I made my first visit to Lidl yesterday and the freezer is full of discount poultry. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My solution is German Lidl/Aldi once a month and Swiss Lidl/Aldi every day.

My experience is that while cash and carry has great deals on chicken in bulk specifically, the other products aren’t really cheaper compared to aldi and lidl in Switzerland.

You kind of cherry picked the only example :smile: