Caravan Renting @ CH

Hi there

Has anybody experience with renting a Caravan?
Where can I find a good provider with reasonable rates?

Many thanks in advance!


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Probably in DE, IT or FR. :smiley:

I thought so as well. Just thought somebody might have had some experience with one or another provider :smile:

Be aware that if you’re a Swiss resident, it’s probably a bad idea to drive a rental car from abroad in CH.

No personal experience, but maybe take a look at - it’s a sharing type site. I think there was also an app, but I forget the name.

To be clear: it’s illegal if the vehicle is unverzollt.

Here’s why:
Don’t you think I would get a license plate in a coutry with lax laws in order so save the hassle with the Strassenverkehrsamt?

You are right - I think only up to a week or so, it is legal to drive a foreign rental in CH, but apparently with some paperwork at the border.
Given it’s a camper van rental, the period might be longer than that, so probably as good as useless.

My remark was more a bit of a joke, on the “reasonable rates” part. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: seems to have campers