Car technical inspection - strategies

Hey everyone,

So what’s your moustachian way for a Swiss car’s technical inspection?

Feel free to just answer, here’s my first timer’s experience:

So past year I followed most of my collegue’s advice (except those that sell their car before the first inspection. Lol.) and gave my car to a shop BEFORE the inspection. Well I was underwhelmed. I paid 500 CHF and never got an itemized bill so for all I know they might have just washed the car (ok partly my fault for not insisting but well).

The inspection itself was nice though (and as a side note, the car next to me definitely wasn’t even washed and wasn’t refused but I can wash a car myself).
For small (?) things they actually just make you sign that you will do that “in a short timeframe” (no date, how Swiss is that?! :heart_eyes:), and jup, for 500 CHF they missed two “small things”.

So how do you go about your cars inspections and repairs? Is inspection first, repairs later a valid option?
Also how to find a shop for repairs / oil changes?

“Pre-inspections” are usually pointless, as you’ve witnessed yourself.
I don’t do them.

Just wash the car, and if the engine bay is utterly horrid - clean that up too (careful with pressurized water; or get it done professionally).
Otherwise just wait until they tell you what they dislike. (e.g. rusty brake discs)
A regular annual service should suffice to keep it in good state.

I still service my car just across the border in the official car brand garage - it’s been worth the extra bit of travel for the past 6 years.
(At least 50% cheaper + some VAT back)


Thanks @dbu !

What about things that I know should be / I want done (oil change and timing belt replacement this year)? Do them before or after the inspection? Might they refuse to give the info what needs to be done if they think to much stuff is wrong with the car?

Do you go to a shop in Germany or France?

I also never do a pre-inspection (just follow the service interval that is displayed in the car) and never had any issues (not even small ones). I think that’s the best way, for smaller things you do not need to go again and for larger things, you have a confirmation from an independent auditor that you really should fix it (which I personally like, because I do not really trust most garages).

I always go to the garage of my brand (Porsche, which is ridiculously expensive :grimacing:), but if I had a different car, I would probably look for a “village garage” with good ratings, they are typically pretty cheap with a good service (I go to such a garage to get my tires changed and am very happy).

Don’t do a preinspection, clean the engine bay yourself with a rag and a degreaser. Also consider doing inspection at tcs instead of mfk.