Car Taxes when you don't use it anymore


I had the chance to buy an apartment near my workplace (800 meters).
So now i have to remove the car deduction (4000CHF) from my taxes.
Can i add something else ? Because it will increase significantly my finale note.

Thank you very much for your help.

Either the bicycle deduction over 700.- Fr. or some 1 zone public transport pass?

Il will try, but since i walk i was wondering if they will remove everything.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Worth a try is bicycle deduction over 700.- Fr. and some annual 1 zone public transport pass, after all sometimes it rains etc. and it would be “totally unbearable” for you to cycle.


Maybe you can calculate what buying a ticket allé-retour costs for every working day of a year costs and put this price… so you don’t have to prove (if they every ask, witch I doubt) that you own an annual pass because, of course, you don’t keep every ticket of the year… and put the bike on top of it as you drive the bike to the bus station!
I think they don’t bother much on those kind of deductions, they are more focused on searching for justification of the km deductions with a private vehicle.

AFAIK (for Basel at least) you can put either the bike or the public (intra-city) transport, not sure if both works.
But might be wrong, depending on the canton; and as rolandinho said - worth a try :slight_smile: - there are no repercussions if they reject. :slight_smile:

Worth a try, but depends on the canton. In the canton of Berne you can deduct both.

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The federal court decided that you can deduct both so it does not matter what your cantonal tax office clerk thinks.
But it was in case of a cumulative use, e.g. going to the train station with the bike and then using public transport, which would probably be difficult to claim for 800m.

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