Car service Mustachian style

Hi all,

I just got my car serviced at Amag for 600.- (Approximately 300.-/year). I drive a 2016 Golf. Any ways I could make this cheaper and not give up too much on quality?


To my experience a modern car can live 15 years without doing more than changing the liquids (brake, coolant and lubricant) the filters (lubricant, engine air, cabin air) and wear parts (spark plugs, brake system) at prescribed interval.
Then consult your garage if you feel there is unexpected wear at some place which can be considered as some failure due to lack of quality or inappropriate use.
I expect between 50.- and 100.- each year for servicing a car by myself.


I was wondering if it’s allowed to do service in France when you live in Switzerland?

I have mine done in the official (car manufacturer licensed) garage across, in Germany however.

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Does this affect your warranty/guarantee?

Not as far as I know.
Everything is regularly recorded in the service management app I have (Mazda), and I have also seen that the previous services for the car (3 y/o when I got it) have been performed in other countries - that’s why I was confident to do so.
But I would rather check with your contract / leasing / insurance.
I would assume the only condition they impose is that it is a licensed garage; shouldn’t matter where.

P.S. The savings were really significant - 300€ (with plenty of tax refund for materials used) vs. 600CHF estimate.