Car insurance: vollkasko, teilkasko or none?

I imagine the difference between the 3 insurance type is clear to all driver here, but here quite a short summary (very broadly summarized):
Haftpflicht (civil responsibility): mandatory, cover for damage you do to stuff outside your car while driving your car

Teilkasko: covers damage to your car, where you are not at fault (hail, vandal, wild animals, stones to your glass etc)
Vollkasko: covers damage to your car where you were at fault behind the wheel

With all the recent driving assisted feature, parking sensor and so on do people driving a modern car really cause that much damage to the own car? I guess if you are bad at parking and have no camera or parking sensor, the vollkasko may make sense. But are newest technology making vollkasko useless, particularly even for new vehicles? Assuming you buy on cash since leasing requires vollkasko mandatorily. I mean you get automatic braking, pedestrians recognition, parking stuff…you need to really be unlucky (or idiot) to cause a damage to your car that would be covered by vollkasko. The only one I can think of is slipping on an icy road and crashing on a wall (driving too fast on icy road). Any other scenario that would not be covered by 90% by newest technologies?

Because if somebody is driving himself in your car and you have no fault, is their Haftpflicht that pays for the damage at your car.

So I wonder if you buy a car with all these feature, does it make sense to even have vollkasko or even teilkasko coverage? Any experience or people who tried this out there?

Depends solely on the car value IMO. Let’s assume that those 3 insurances cost 400/800/1200.- per year. If you have a used car that’s worth 3000 CHF, there is no point insuring anything above whats mandatory. But if you have a new car, lets say a Tesla 3 for 55.000 CHF, it makes totally sense to get the Vollkasko insurance.

Where is the point in saving 400 CHF/year and risking to lose 55.000 CHF? It only needs to happen once in 100 years and you will be glad that you had the Vollkasko insurance. Anything can happen in such a long time.


Well if you are that somebody and your car has some value, you might be happy to have a vollkasko. Accidents happen. Look at the risk/ benefit of your car’s value, not the probability of an accident… or do like me: drive a cheap car :laughing:

I agree with @Cortana.

Just one more thing: check the fine print.

For example, depending on the car’s age, parking damages might be excluded. And I’d say that together with broken glass, it’s the most frequent kind of damage in the Teilkasko.

I think you should consider probability. Driver assistance features make accidents extremely improbable. Driving fewer km reduce risks. I don’t agree that in “100 years anything can happen”.
In 100 year there will be no longer car accidents. Technology is always improving.

What is the rule of thumb you here in the forum are using? Anything over 30k (even 2nd hand car with advanced ADAS features) gets Vollkasko? Where is the inflection point to switch to Teilkasko in your opinion? Or even going without insurance? How cheap must be the car for you to not insure?

Just interested in getting some opinions/ideas

Me personally:

20k+ Vollkasko insurance
5k+ Teilkasko insurance
1-5k Mandatory insurance

But that’s just me.

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Yeah, I personally would keep the full cask until 15k, for the other 2 steps I share your numbers

That’s interesting. We’ve bought 2nd hand for 12k and we debated if to choose only rc. At the end we did Teilkasko, because of external parking spot. With a garage we probably would have done only Haftpflicht.

Does anyone know of an insurer that allows the parking damage (Parkschaden) coverage without full casco (Vollkasko)?

I got info from both my current insurer and some others I am testing online that it’s only available if taking the full casco too. :confused:

Helvetia seems to allow it with Teilkasko. I haven’t followed the process up to validation so can’t guarantee it.

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A friend told me once, if 90frs/month is what it takes to have peace of mind when taking the car then I ll pay for it…
Not very frugalist but I keep this in mind for some insurances

Can be as simple as being slightly tired, in a hurry. A wrong speed interpretation of other cars or bad visibility, rain & snow… which could cause an instant crash. You might drive low mileage, slow speed, etc… You never know. Also depending on the situation, reckless drivers can cause an accident but on your responsibility.

My conclusion is: Decide based on your car value & driving confidence/style but not purely on “new technology will save me from any situation” because you might regret it.

What does this exact number refer to?
Sorry I am not following.

Sorry I could have been more explicit… Was meaning a full casco insurance