Can you mail a registered letter with a webstamp in a regular mailbox?

If you buy a Registered letter stamp online and print it at home, can you then drop the letter off in any mailbox or do you have to go to a post office/Post24 machine?

Life hacking was the closest category. I guess it could qualify, could save you a trip to the post office.

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Yes you can. That is exactly what those are for.

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Haftpflichtleistungen der Post CH AG sind nur gegen Vorlage der Aufgabebestätigung (bei Aufgaben am Schalter) möglich oder wenn die Sendung im Sendungsverfolgungssystem der Post ersichtlich ist.

Just mind you if the letter doesnt make it to their tracking system you’re not getting that insurance. Unlike when you get a receipt by bringing it personally to the post office.

Yes but there’s still the risk that it gets lost without tracking until it’s first scanned somewhere.

There was once a Kassensturz episode about this:

I’ve used a service called pingen since I left CH to do the whole registered post thing off line (even from overseas). Very handy.

I’m not affiliated in any way :slight_smile: Just in case it helps someone.


I do that when sending vinyl records in registered form abroad.
What I do, is filming the parcel as it drops in the mailbox having filmed the informations written on it before
I assume it will serve as a proof in case of loss as it’s a rare case and the company does mangae thoses uniques cases happily in the past.
I do this because the time spent at home printing the label and stuff is basicaly time THEY don’t spend and don’t want to waste time waiting in lane for their receip (wich does take almost the same time to print (because they have to copy the informations written on their computer) as if they would do the whole process… absurde

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I wouldn’t count on it.

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