Can C permit holder still deduct 3A from tax basis 2022?

A friend sent me this

it sems to me that this uncertainty should not involve C permit holder and we can continue to be able to deduct 3A from tax basis 2022?


With C permit you are not taxed at source and filling and paying taxes like Swiss citizens. Do I miss something?

Which part of this page bring confusion ?
if you earn more than 120k p.a. It is a no brainer and you should still invest in 3a to reduce your taxes.

However if it is not mandatory for you to do The filing of a Swiss tax return, you should choose this option carefully as it may partially or fully offset the expected savings from pension buy-ins or Pillar 3a contributions.

thanks. that’s correct. So are you confirming that I can still deduct 3A for 2022 when declaring tax? I have bought it yet due to this article.

Thanks, I earn less than 120k salary wise. (gained money from the stock market though)
I have declare tax because I have C permit, the question is if I can deduct 3A because the article mentioned this uncertainty but I suppose it’s only for B permit holder?

Yes, the article is only about employees taxed at source and thus, doesn’t apply to C permit holders. You can deduct 3a payments as usual when filing your taxes.