Caisse Agricole Next Bank interests taxation mess

Hello all,
I have a couple of savings accounts with CA Next Bank (that I should get rid of).

Last year, the interest rates were re-modulated in the month of April and all partial interests were taxed (regardless of their amount, totally crazy).

So, I do not know how to split the interests (taxed & non taxed), as my canton app does not ask for the taxed amount (you can only select if the gross interests were taxed or not).

Therefore, the computed amount to subtract is higher than the effective one (and wrong).

I am not sure of how to fix this mess, even if we are talking about a few francs.
Any idea is welcome.

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You can just create 2 entries for the same account and make a note in the declaration. As for why they did that: I was part of their IT platform change implementation and there was no way around what they did as they could not carry over interest accruals to their new IT platform. This has nothing to do with the bank and their capacity to manage accounts ^^.

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Thanks for your “hands on” feedback.
This “migration” could also explain why I have got new IBAN and account numbers for the different accounts, but part of the electronic papers still refer to the old ones.
This also makes me wonder whether I’ll get in trouble with the tax agency when they see the new account coordinates.
I am happy that bank can manage funds, but I am not happy with the general user experience.